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Let's take a look over the shoulders of the giants in science

Even though LaborinsOhr is a science podcast we will not (only) talk about research topics.

Instead both scientists and non-scientists are invited to uncover unheard background stories and heated discussions from laboratories around the world directly into your eyes and ears …

Season 2

Science Communication

We talked with Rosa Arias about citizen science and engaging different actors to collaborate on the same project. Together with her team at Science for Change, she coordinates the EU funded D-NOSES project, which aims to document various smells around the world. Her current projects include building a European science communication hub called COLASCENCE.

We talked with Dame Anne Glover about what she learned communicating with high-level politicians during her tenure as the Chief Scientific Advisor to the President of the European Commission, and why politicians are sometimes more afraid of scientists than the other way around. Additionally, we discussed the changing opinions on genetically modified organisms (GMOs) among the EU population and how Europe must prepare to combat populism and climate change.

We talked with Fernando Racimo, Associate Professor and climate activist within Scientists Rebellion, about climate change and why passive communication might not be enough. We asked him about the strategy behind civil disobedience actions and what scientists can do beyond that to address this pressing issue.