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  • Frontiers 4 Young Minds

    We talked with Frontiers 4 Young Minds about the importance of understandable language, what scientists can learn from kids in the peer review and what their favorite topic in the 10 year history of this journal was.

  • Johan Rooryck and the COAlition S

    Johan Rooryck and the COAlition S

    We spoke to the executive director of the COAlition S Johan Rooryck. With their Plan S they are one of main contributors to open science and have caused major changes in the publishing business.

  • Björn Brembs on the Open Access Movement

    Björn Brembs on the Open Access Movement

    We tried to introduce you to the open access movement with deeper introduction of Project Deal and the Coalition S. They formed as a response to the serials crisis that we talked about in our last episode. Turns out that according to Professor Björn Brembs these attempts could head into the wrong direction and could…

  • History of scientific publishing

    History of scientific publishing

    Follow us in this episode to the beginnings of scientific publishing as a philanthropic idea of open distribution of knowledge to one of the most profitable businesses of the present. We explain how the developments of the 19th century led to the serials crisis and the open access movement that tries to make knowledge freely…